Access / Entrance Control

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RFID / Smart Card Based Access

Do you want to grant access to your office only for authorized person and want to monitor attendance and entry/exit time of your employees? You can do it by issuing a RF ID card or Smart card to all of your employees. You can also have a monthly report and use it for your payroll. Easy to manage software and error free calculation for leave, overtime etc.


Access through Biometric (finger/eye/face)

This does same as RFID/Smart card (above paragraph) but by detecting finger print, eye (retina) or face of human which is more reliable and accurate. Biometric system can be integrated with RFID/Smart card, gives you double layer of security.

Metal Detection at Entry Points

You may need to restrict people to entry to your office with suspicious metal stuffs (Arms, Knifes etc.). You need a metal detector gate with a hand held scanner. Either you can buy it or rent it from us.

Scanning Baggage / Luggage

You are not satisfied to check only human bodies by metal detector, also want to check the bags that they are carrying? Using a baggage scanner you can see (X-ray view) everything inside the bags.


Entrance Control

There may be a requirement to install a special type of barrier gate at entrance of office for more security. This type of gate also can be installed to control vehicle entrance. Both type (human and vehicle) of gate can be integrated with all type of access control system.

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