Video Surveillance

Learn about different value added services we can provide


Quick Rent / Permanent Setup

If you need CC cameras for any event like fair, public meetings, wedding etc. you can rent it from us as daily basis. You can also ask for a permanent setup to secure your place with various range of products. These cameras can be monitored by mobile phones from anywhere, also below value added services can be integrated.


License Plate Recognition

Do you want to monitor which vehicle is entering to your office or parking area? Want to keep a database of them and use for future use? You are in right place. Every license plate with a picture of vehicle and driver will be stored in a database by this value added service called License Plate Recognition (LPR).

Controlling Crowd and Analysis

You may need to restrict suspicious people to entre to your office/home (face recognition) or do not want to people gather in a specific area ( front of Director’s room) or may need to restrict entry to a specific zone. All these and many more can be done by intelligent software, integrated with CC cameras.

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